Our AI will see if you qualify For Zero Down To GO SOLAR or Not !

Why Solar?

Through your lifestyle choices, you can help Mother Nature heal. As small as your efforts would seem in the grand scheme of things, these small efforts from environmentally conscious individuals across the planet, when pooled together, will have an invaluable impact. Start with transitioning from a traditional energy source to a solar panel system. This change will benefit not only nature but also your pocket. That right there is a deal worth exploring


Our AI will see if you qualify For Zero Down To GO SOLAR or Not !

Misconceptions Prevent People From Saving Money With Solar Energy.

Too Expensive?

One of the most stubborn myths about solar energy is that it is too costly for most homeowners. In reality, solar is more affordable than ever, and the options for financing home solar are increasing all the time.

Solar Can’t Pay For Itself?

The system pays for itself in less time than ever. Renewable Energy’s ROI is sooner than you think.

Not Enough Sun Light?

Solar energy systems can work well in a wide variety of places, including foggy and cold climates, and on overcast days. Germany, a country not known for massive sun, leads the world in home solar.

Hurts Home Value

A recent study showed that homeowners who purchase a solar energy system actually add to their property value. Homes with solar on the roof are likely to sell more quickly, too.

Are You Still Finding The Right Solar Company And Installer?

Kingdom Power helps people find the right solar company and installer by providing up-to-date information about the solar industry, connecting customers with reputable companies, and promoting the growth of clean, renewable energy.



Trustworthy and amazing customer service! Provided me with great information prior to switching to solar. Would highly recommend Kingdom Power to friends and family.

Matthew Aguilera

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Very professional and attentive to all my questions and concerns. Excellent work Alan helps me and guided me through the whole process.

Arturo Llamas

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fast and friendly service. Alan was patient with mine and my husbands work schedule and worked diligently to make sure things got done quickly.


Summer Gill

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I had an overall great experience with my transition to solar power. Alan is professional and trustworthy. I’m a hard sell but Alan was able to answer all of my questions and address my concerns. I’m now saving money and doing the right thing for our world. Thank you!

John Clarke

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Federal Incentives Boost Savings

The federal solar ITC (investment tax credit) gives 30% tax credit that covers all solar equipment, batteries, and installation. Additional state incentives may apply.


30% for Equipment

30% for Installation

30% for Batteries

The 2023 average federal tax credit is $8,000 with Project Solar.



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